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The Ruling on whoever Fasts but does not Pray

Question: I have witnessed some of the Muslim youth fasting, but they do not pray. Is the fast of the person who fasts but does not pray accepted? I have heard some of the preachers telling these youth to break their fast and not to fast, as he who does not pray has no fast? … Continue reading The Ruling on whoever Fasts but does not Pray

Common Mistakes During Ramadan

Bismillah Wassalaatu wassalaam A'la Rasoolillah. Ama Ba'ad The list was taken from Sheikh Ahmad's Fiqh of Ramadan class. Common Mistakes During Ramadhan: 1) Focusing on food; to the extent that people begin to worry about eating more than actually fasting. This also goes along with spending tons of money on Iftaars even though a person … Continue reading Common Mistakes During Ramadan