Six Attacks by Shaytaan – Ten Defenses

“ Six Attacks by Shaytaan – Ten Defenses ”

The evil of Shaytaan is limited to six categories, he continues [to assault] mankind until he succeeds in one or more of them:

1) The evil of polytheism and disbelief;

2) Then innovations;

3) Next are the major sins;

4) Then the minor sins;

5) Subsequently, busying people with practicing Mubahaat [1] instead of practicing good deeds [that one is rewarded for];

6) Next is busying them with practicing deeds which are good instead of deeds which are better.

The reasons that safeguard a servant from the Shaytaan are ten:

1) Seeking refuge with Allah from him;

2) Reading al Mu’awidhatain [Surat an Nas and Surat al Falaq];

3) Reading Ayatul Kursi;

4) Reading Surat al Baqarah;

5) Reading the ending of Surat al Baqarah [last two verses];

6) The believer reading from the beginning of {Haa Meem.} until {to Him is the final return.} [Ghafir: 1-3];

7) Saying what translated means: ‘There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah, alone having no partners, to him belongs the dominion, to him belongs all praise, and He has the ability to do all things.’ One hundred times;

8) Practicing the remembrance of Allah a lot;

9) Performing ablution along with prayers;

10) Refraining from supernumerary (extra) looking around, talking, eating and mixing with people.
[1] Actions that one is neither ordered to or prohibited from performing specifically, such as eating or sleeping.

Reference: Compiled by as Shaykh Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Naasir as-Sa`dee from Ibnul Qayim’s book: Badaa-‘i al fawaa-id. Tareeq al Wusool ila al ‘Ilm al Mawool: p.129”

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